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Over the years, we have a tendency to accumulate and fill our garage with bits and pieces and they are left there to collect dust. When we look at the “traditional” way to advertise and sell via a “Garage Sale”, it is obvious that it is a very exhausting experience. There is always the draining need to pack all the items, organise them outside the drive way or in the garden and hoping for a “nice” weather day…

That brought on the idea to simplify the experience and create a virtual on line “Garage Sale” using the internet. We want to make it easier for the user to search for all the “Garage Sales” available in the local area by using a map view and with one internet link. Once the Garage Sales locations are determined, our website allows a search for specific items in a certain category/sub category. It then allows narrowing down the search results and contacting the Garage Sale owner for further details and buying items.

Buy Garage Sale” web site provides the ability to Private Individuals, retailers, businesses, School Fairs, Charity and Non profitable Community groups to have fundraised events, donate or just advertise and sell their items.

The local community spirit and the notion of sharing are important for us. Using this website enables people to sell their treasured items in a reasonable price and also make others happy for finding a good bargain. What's more, it allows giving away items for free so people in need can come and collect them.

Our Mission

Nowadays “Garage Sales” plays a traditional and an important role in the Australian community lifestyle and culture.

Buy Garage Sale’ Web site is an Australian brand that supports the local community by creating an on line platform that enables everyone to advertise their “Garage Sale” items. As a seller, it helps you sell your items or give away your treasure for free, as a buyer you can search and find your wanted bargain. It is available to everyone including private sellers, retailers, schools and charity organisations.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to provide the end user with a friendly and simple advertising platform simulating the traditional “Garage Sale”. The user can add multiple items with a clear Definition, Price, Negotiable indicator, Used/New and identify its Suburb/Post Code location for proximity to the potential buyer. We allow other people to benefit from items that people do not want to keep by offer them for free. We help councils with “items collection” since households do not need any more to put their items on the nature strip waiting for a council collection day. They just need to publish it in “Buy Garage Sale” aiming for the right people to buy or collect it when offered for free for a good home.


We introduced the concept of one central advertisement entry of a “Garage Sale” that has a define publishing duration (days/weeks), where the advertiser decides on a start and finish dates, location (to assist with a local suburb/post code search and pickup) and whether there are Free or Used/New items included in the “Garage Sale”. Each individual item that is linked to the specific “Garage Sale” has a photo image loaded and a price tag from $0 to a requested price tag. When a user wishes to contact the “Garage Sale” owner he can reveal his contact number and call them directly or send a message.

Buy Garage Sale” will allow retailers to advertise their brand in the “Buy Garage Sale” web site advertising area at an agreed cost.

“Buy Garage Sale” Team

We are an Australian team who wants to make the transition from a Traditional “Garage Sale” experience to a virtual on line modern way of advertising a “Garage Sale” in order to help the community to buy, sale or give away items for free.

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